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Title Bonds in Carrollton, Texas

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Title Bond

Why would you need a bonded title? You might be required to purchase a title bond when you have lost your car title, before you are able to transfer the title into your name. If you purchased a car from a dealership and the title was not signed correctly, or if you never received it. A title bond could be a requirement to transfer the title into your name and receive proper plates and registration. Read more

What Is A Surety Bond?

A surety bond protects a THIRD PARTY. In the event that a third party is owed money, the bond company will pay the claim on your behalf and the bond company will ask for repayment from you. It is not insurance.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

When you want to open a car lot, the state of Texas requires that you obtain a bond in the amount of $25,000 for two years. This is necessary whether you want to run a traditional used car lot or if you want to purchase a wholesale vehicle at ... Read more
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Once the Motor Dealer Bond is approved, it can be generated in minutes!

The starting price for motor vehicle dealer bonds is $350.

Performance And Payment Bonds

Performance bond, can be a requirement when conducting business with entities such as corporations, municipalities, and other large companies.
Performance bonds are all credit based. The payment portion provides you have the ability to pay your workers should something happen.
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